Immanuel Clinic Bernau and Cardiatric Center Brandenburg: According to an AOK survey, it’s Germany’s best clinic for catheterization procedures

Germany’s best address for heart patients: The German magazine “Stern” has published the results of a nationwide study on catheterization.

Congratulations for superior quality. From left: Andreas Linke, Director of Immanuel Clinic Bernau and Cardiatric Center Brandenburg, with Associate Professor Dr. med. Christian Butter, Head Physician of the cardiology department in Immanuel Clinic Bernau and Cardiatric Center Brandenburg.

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In Germany, the number of catheterization procedures is on the rise. That increase cannot be attributed strictly to demographic changes and supports the view that this procedure is chosen not only because of medical considerations. But since serious complications can arise, placing oneself in competent hands remains of utmost importance.

The AOK is Germany‘s largest health insurance company. Increased catheterization as well as the strong interest expressed by patients and insured parties – indicated by the number of hits per month on the AOK’s Internet navigator – led the company to commission its scientific institute (Wido) with a nationwide study comparing the quality of catheterization treatment in 443 clinics. The results have now been published in the renowned magazine “Stern”.

Brandenburg Cardiatric Center in Bernau was the only institution awarded the distinction of „superior quality“ in all of the investigated categories.

Hard Facts Regarding the Criteria for Quality
In contrast to the usual ranking procedures, these criteria were based on facts – not recommendations or the subjective impressions of patients. These included: death rates within the first 30 days, complications stemming from bleeding or thrombosis, and after-treatment involving for ex. an additional catheterization or a by-pass operation.

The analysis of anonymous data on 100.000 patients indicates significant differences inexplicable strictly on the basis of the available files. Experts note that the frequency of complications is also dependent upon whether the treatment chosen was suited to the patient, upon the total number of operations performed by the clinic, the doctors’ general routine and also upon whether the newest scientific findings are being put into practice.

Immanuel Clinic Bernau and Cardiatric Center Brandenburg have once more confirmed their excellent reputation for medical treatment of the highest national and international quality.

Dr. Anke-Britt Möhr, the AOK’s general manager for inpatient care in northeastern Germany, called immediately after the announcement to congratulate the clinic’s directors and confirm the existing strong level of cooperation. Clinic directors Udo Schmidt und Andreas Linke congratulated Head Physician and Associate Professor Dr. Christian Butter and his team for this lofty “seal of quality”. They simultaneously lauded the excellent cooperation between their department and the department for cardiac surgery headed by Professor Dr. Johannes Albes.

Annually, Immanuel Clinic Bernau and Cardiatric Center Brandenburg treats nearly 600 heart attack patients while performing 3,200 cardiac catheterization examinations as well as more than 1,000 balloon dilatations and stent implantations. Since the initial aortic valve implantation by catheterization in June 2008, more than 700 patients have been treated using this new technique. Catheterization has also been used to repair a leaky mitral valve for more than 200 patients.

Your local specialist is:

Associate Professor Dr. med. Christian Butter

Head Physician for Cardiology

Immanuel Klinikum Bernau
Herzzentrum Brandenburg

Ladeburger Straße 17
16321 Bernau bei Berlin
Tel. (0 33 38) 694- 610

Basic Information:
Immanuel Clinic Bernau and Cardiatric Center Brandenburg combines under a single roof the services of a leading provider for cardiac surgery, cardiology, anesthesiology, intensive care and pain therapy with the services of a general hospital for basic care. Annually, 11,300 persons are treated as inpatients and another 18,500 as ambulant patients.
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The caretaker Immanuel Diakonie consists of hospitals, clinics, medical practices and homes for the elderly as well as aid programs for substance abusers and the physically impaired and is active at 65 locations in Germany and Austria. The organization, which has ca. 2,800 employees, is headquartered in Berlin. Basic medical services are also a part of “Immanuel Diakonie”, which is directed by the Baptist “Evangelical-Free Church Berlin-Schöneberg, Hauptstrasse K.d.ö.R (public corporation)”.

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